ZM 400/600 Printer

This popular Z Series platform, which has always stood out from the competition in terms of both performance and price. With 10-inches-per-second print speed. The Z Series printers better connect with most warehouse/manufacturing and business applications. The ZM400 and ZM600 are better connected to your network—through USB 2.0, 802.11b/g secure wireless, or our ZebraNet®10/100 Print Server that allows simultaneous parallel and Ethernet connectivity.


Ideal for These Applications

  • Manufacturing & Warehousing/Item labeling and tagging,Packaging/Pallet labeling,Compliance labeling, Inventory and asset management, Shipping/Receiving

  • Healthcare/ Prescription labeling, Lab sample tracking


Gross Power 220V
Warranty 1 Year
Maximum Line Speed 146 m/min
Print Speed Up to 9.14 meters/min (30 ft/min)
Print Technology Single Pass 4 Color LED (CMYK)
Printer Processor 800 / 133 MHz